About us

Who are we?

Precision Photography is a family-run photography service that strives to offer not just an incredible quality of digital art but also a faultless service from start to finish. Founded in 2016, our lead photographer Chelsea takes care of the front of the house while our resident computer scientist Jack takes care of the background! We believe this unique balance of skills in our little family allows us to lead the industry for both service and price!

What makes us different?

From our equipment to our qualifications, you can be certain that Chelsea or Jack have researched, practised and mastered it over the past 10 years. Our family shares a drive to always do our very best for every single customer. This means that with Precision you can trust that you will be hiring a partnership that genuinely cares that you get what you dreamed (and paid for).

How we started...

Written by Chelsea James, BA - Last Updated: May 2022

I founded Precision Photography when finishing my degree at Swansea uni as I felt there was no point waiting to start my dream job. I think I was blessed with a clear drive to be a photographer in my teens when a lot of friends hadn’t considered careers yet. However it did take a little while for my parents to trust it was a sensible career choice! As I juggled my dissertation and business it was clear to me that Precision needed to be different if it was to thrive in such a highly competitive industry. It was at this moment that Jack joined the dream and began his magical programming work. I am not sure we expected our work to complement each other so well but we were not going to argue about it!

However, this didn’t mean it was always plain sailing and just like every good business has to go through… the start-up was a struggle. Every day we had to fight and grind to make progress (and the bills) as a team. Luckily both Chelsea and Jack were extremely committed and have, in the years since, exploded onto the scene with enough innovation and enthusiasm to start five companies!

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