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Covid 19 Update

At Precision, we understand the effort and expense that goes into making a wedding a fairytale so we have been working hard to create a truly affordable and flexible wedding photography service.

With our hand-built website,
you are in control of your wedding package!

Our female led wedding photography team, based in Swansea, South Wales, has a range of the most talented and best local professional wedding photographers in both the arts and photojournalism!

So whether your venue is in Cardiff, Pembrokeshire or beyond we are confident we offer a surprisingly affordable wedding photography service without compromise!

Our lead photographer and founder,
Chelsea James BA, has over 8 years experience in wedding photography so you can trust her, and her team, to deliver!

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Our wedding pricing is designed to be as flexible as possible to fit with your budget!
You only pay for what you want with Precision Union!

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Terms of Service,
Precision Union Wedding Photography.

A note with regards to Covid-19

Unlimited reschedules at no charge!
Full Refund if we are unavailable for the new date.
Our photographers are taking great care socially distancing at all times with PPE.

More info:
Given the global struggle against Covid-19 we at Precision have decided to offer full refunds to any clients who's wedding or event has been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.
This includes our usually non-refundable deposit scheme.
Please note if your wedding has just been postponed we are happy to move your date at no charge, assuming we are available.
Should you have any questions with regards to Covid-19 and our services please do not hesitate to get in touch.


At Precision, we ask for 25% of your total (50% if order is less than £150) as a non-refundable deposit in order to secure your date and our services.
If your wedding is postponed or canceled please get in touch as we will try our best to reschedual.
Please be aware there may be a charge up to 10% of your total in order to reschedual.

Travel Charge

We reserve the right to adjust our travel charge estimate.
We will only need to do this if our automated system calculates the wrong total value.
Please note by agreeing to our terms of service you are agreeing to pay any outstanding travel charge according to our calculation, found here, regardless of the estimate given to you by our automated system upon checkout.
Also note it is very rare we actually need to adjust our automated travel charge calculation and when it is neccersary we will of course contact you and explain the adjustment.

Photographer Selection

Wedding packages that contain more than one photographer will always include at least one experienced lead photographer (usually our founder, Chelsea James BA).
In some instances the other photographer may be an assistant/apprentice but please rest assured all our staff and images are quality controlled as a team and delivered to you as a collection in which we guarantee every image is of equally high quality.


We reserve the right to cancel your booking and refund you within 5 working days of your booking/order.
Please note this will only happen on the rare occasion there is an error with our booking system that means we are unable to fulfill your order.

Your Final Images

We reserve the right to hold your final image collection until all outstanding payments have been collected.
Should you be worried you will have difficulties paying the remainder of your total (usually 75%) all at once please get in touch as we will try our best to arrange an affordable payment scheme.

Your data

Please rest assured if we collect your personal information we handle it in the most secure way.
We will delete any information we hold on our servers as soon as they are no longer needed (order complete).
Please note Precision Photography does not collect any payment information (handled by third-party, Stipe).
Also note Precision Photography will never sell any of your personal information, such as email address, to any third parties.

Thank you!

We appreciate you taking the time to read all our terms of service as we know its a pretty boring read.
If you head back to your cart you can use offer code: 'BOOKWORM' to receive a £10 discount!
Please note we only allow one discount code to be active at a time.


You only pay for what you want with Precision Union.

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We only ask for
25% deposit!

Hourly Rate

(request only)


Base Price

£690 £960

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£1395 Custom Package

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Online Gallery
🛈 Accessible for a full year with unlimited downloads and choice of images!
Ext. Preperation
🛈 Extend Coverage to include Bride (and groom if two photographers selected) getting ready before the wedding.
Base Coverage
🛈 Standard Coverage
From guests arriving until the first dance.
Ext. Reception
🛈 Extend Coverage to include the evening! We won't leave until your guests do!
Two Photogr...
🛈 Two Lead Photographers for your big day to ensure every moment is captured!
Final Images
🛈 All images are chosen by you before being professionally edited!
15 Per Hour 50 100 150 150


🛈 An on location shoot before your big day. Location of your choice with 2 full hours of photography. Includes 15 final images of your choice. Travel charge may apply.
🛈 A USB stick of your images.
Gift Box & Postage Included.
Studio Shoot
🛈 We will set up our studio at your reception, complete with professional lights and backdrop. Allows us to capture truly perfect portraits. Space must be arranged!
🛈 A 20 page photo album.
You select at least 30 images from your final collection with choice of album colour and custom embroidery.
Travel Charge May Apply

Affordable Wedding Photographers, based in Swansea, South Wales.


Travel Charge Information,
South Wales Wedding Photography

We do not charge for travel if your wedding venue is within 20 miles of our location.

If your venue is more than 20 miles from our location:
We charge 0.34p per mile after the initial 20 miles.
This calculation applies to both there and back so it actually results in up to 40 miles free of charge.

Rarely, we may calculate your travel charge by journey duration (rather than distance).
This is in the event that the duration of the journey does not reflect the distance (Very slow roads).
This results in 30 mins of free travel with every additional minute charged at 0.34p/min.

If your travel estimate is "not yet available":
This means we were unable to calculate the cost automatically
(either due to a lack of venue or an issue with google maps).
In this instance we will add this to your outstanding total to be paid after the wedding.

Calculation: Total Journey - Free Milage (up to 40) * Travel Charge (per mile) = Travel Charge

Journey to Venue = 25 miles. So, Total Journey = 50miles (there and back).
Fuel Cost = 0.34p per Mile. Free Miles = Up to 40 Miles.
Therefore: (50 - 40) * 0.34 = 3.4
Total Travel Charge = £3.40

Hotel Fee
Destination Weddings e.g over 100 miles or 2 hours (each way) from our location may be subject to a hotel charge as our photographer(s) need to stay overnight locally to your venue.
In this event we ask for £50 upfront as a part hotel fee.
Once the accomidation has been booked, we will adjust your total hotel fee to reflect the true cost.
If the £50 fee was too much we will reduce your outstanding balance but should the cost of room and board be more than the initial £50 this will be added to your total due after the wedding.
Please note the initial £50 hotel fee is taken in full as part of the deposit (not 25%).


My Package

Please note: We only ask for 25% of your total as a deposit before your wedding.
The rest is only due once editing is complete and your images are ready to view!

A travel charge may apply depending on your wedding location
for more information, click here

South Wales Wedding Photography,
Under £1000


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About us

Who are we?

Precision Photography is a professional photography service based in South Wales.
We specialise in many areas of photography from formal weddings and corporate events to more casual pet and cosplay studio work.

Our team work together to give our customers the best possible experience.

What makes us different?

Our experienced photographers, graphic designers and editors all work together with industry leading techniques and equipment to allow us to meet the needs of any situation, no matter how challenging.

We also work very closely with our clients to ensure we not only deliver work of the highest quality but we do so at the same time as keeping the experience comfortable and fun for everyone involved.

How we started...


I founded Precision Photography a few years ago with Jack as I realised very quickly that a team can deliver far more than an individual.
While Jack does his thing in the background.. I am on the frontlines armed only with my camera!

I have been working in Photography for over 6 years now and have been studying it for around the same amount of time. I am very proud to have achieved a BA hons in Photography in the Arts in 2018. Despite this I have not stopped learning. I like to challenge myself and the other photographers here at Precision regularly so we can be ready for any future challenges that come our way.


Chelsea asked me a few years ago to help her launch this company and ever since then Precision has not looked back.
I would describe my main role as Chief Problem Solver.

This means I am usually behind a computer. I hand write our website as we believe it is important to be unique rather than following a template. I also help to orchestrate any technical equipment or logistical needs at events.

I am basically just a big geek but every company needs one (I hope)!